Wax museum revels in ridicule as critics lampoon its statues

BOSTON (AP) — A good roasting hasn’t caused a meltdown at Boston’s new wax museum.

Officials at the Dreamland Wax Museum say they’re embracing the extra attention brought by online hecklers who have lampooned some of the attraction’s likenesses.

Critics say some of the statues missed the mark, including portrayals of President Donald Trump, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and former Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce.

Museum vice president Michael Pelletz says some are imperfect because they’re based on photos and not actual measurements, but he defends them as works of art.

So far, the ridicule has targeted only a small fraction of the museum’s 101 statues. Several others have drawn admiration.

Pelletz says the online scrutiny has been “a blessing” and has attracted curious visitors instead of driving them away.

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