‘We both burst into tears’: Bahamian sisters living in Ashland learn their family is safe following massive hurricane

ASHLAND, MASS. (WHDH) - Hurricane Dorian has parked itself over the Bahamas for more than a-day-and-a-half causing catastrophic damage to thousands of homes, trapping entire families in attics and crippling hospitals.

Susan and Sandra Cove are sisters from the Bahamas who are now living and working in Ashland. They said that for the past two days they have been frantically trying to contact more than two dozen relatives they have still living on the weather-ravaged island.

Dr. Sandra Cove, who works with her sister at a dental clinic, said she was “very scared” before she knew her family members were OK, telling 7NEWS, “it gives me goosebumps now just thinking of it.”

Following reports that five people had died in the hurricane, the sisters could only think the worst until they got a voicemail from their brother on Tuesday.

“Sandra, this is Andrew,” the recording said. “Around here, the place, basically everything is destroyed. We’re all alive. They’re trying to get a chopper in here. everybody is safe. As soon as I can get in touch with you I will give you a call.”

Sandra said she and her sister both burst into tears, “we were just so relieved.”

Though they are relieved, they said they are fearful about what conditions might be like for their loved ones.

“It is a relief but, we have seen the footage and we know that the island has been destroyed,” Susan said. “Where do they go from there?”

Susan and Sandra’s 88-year-old father is a dentist on the island but due to the devastation, he is likely never to practice again.

“I don’t know if he will be practicing anymore because I think the dental office might have been, probably, destroyed,” Sandra said.

Now, the sisters say they can only hope that American’s will step up to help their native country in its hour of need.

“Love any assistance at all in helping the Bahamian people,” Sandra said.

“Just donate, donate,” Susan added

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