‘We had a good night’: Biden campaigns in NH day after Iowa caucus chaos

NASHUA, N.H (WHDH) - Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden campaigned Tuesday in Nashua, New Hampshire, fresh off an overnight flight without official results from Iowa. That didn’t stop him from offering a victorious message to his supporters.

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“We had a good night last night in Iowa,” Biden said after a “coding issue” in a new mobile app that was supposed to help Democratic officials quickly gather information from some 1,700 caucus sites throughout Iowa left the results unknown the morning after the first-in-the-nation presidential nominating contest.

Glitches with the new mobile app caused confusion, and some caucus organizers were forced to call in results for the state party to record manually, introducing delays and the possibility of human error.

“I know the Democratic party is trying to work through all the issues with that application and other problems,” Biden told his supporters. “I said last night, ‘let’s give them time.'”

Biden’s senior campaign advisor Symone Sanders told reporters that their team is still optimistic despite the lingering uncertainty.

“We feel good about the campaign that we ran in Iowa,” Sanders said. “Our internal data is showing that we outperformed our own data and projections.”

While in Nashua, Biden took aim at Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate he’s been battling for frontrunner status. The former vice president told his supporters that his plan for building on Obamacare is superior to Sanders’ “Medicare For All” plan.

“Look, Bernie has talked about a single-payer Medicare system, healthcare system for the country for 30 years now. He hasn’t moved it an inch,” Biden said.

Biden also took a shot at President Donald Trump, saying he won’t bow down to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden was expected to make an additional campaign stop in Concord.

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