(WHDH) — Millions of Massachusetts residents are eligible to get their coronavirus shot now, but the supply just does not meet the demand — the lack causing frustration.

“We just anticipated this whole issue around the supply chain,” said CEO, PhysicianOne Urgent Care Lynne Rosen. She says that when the COVID vaccines first arrived she didn’t bother to sign up for state vaccines to help vaccinate patients.

“When the supply is not there, it is very hard as a small local provider to be able to meet the demand and the request for things so people get frustrated,” she explained.

Rosen said she knew supply would be a problem when her facilities tried to vaccinate their own staff.

“We got a small supply, we started the vaccination program and then that was disrupted in the middle of vaccinating between the first and second dose,” she said.

But other experts, like Dr. Ashish Jha of The Brown University School of Public Health, say the supply is growing. And Jha said he is becoming more optimistic.

“Sometime in April we’ll probably flip to a point where supply and demand are pretty equivalent and then by late April into early May I expect we’ll get to a point where supply will be greater than demand,” he said.

Rosen made it a point to say she does think the state’s new pre-registration program will be an improvement.

“People spending hours just trying to get on the website trying to find a space …hopefully this new platform will allow people at least to get in the cue here,” she said.

She said she hopes PhysicianOne Urgent Care will be able to begin vaccinating people come June.

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