After the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays off Kiké Hernández’ ninth-inning sacrifice fly Monday night, some famous fans said they were confident in the team despite the tense late innings.

“The Sox let it get close to scare the fans, get you nervous, get you on the edge of your seat,” said Ricky Bell of Bell Biv Devoe, who was at Fenway Tuesday. “Then, right when it matters, we knock it out of the pahhhk.”

“That’s the team of the 2000s,” said Ronnie Devoe. “I love the fact that we got over the Yankee hump again, yes indeed.”

And Ben Barham, the father-in-law of Boston reliever Garrett Whitlock, said family members of Sox players felt intensity of the game.

“I’m still shaking a little bit,” Barham said while at the Sox team store. “When it goes from a lull to an explosion in microseconds, there’s nothing like it.”

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