We Made It

Just about in summer mode today. Stellar all around – and even with a cooling sea breeze in the afternoon, it wasn’t all that cold. Check out those highs temps this afternoon.

We’re on the verge of something warmer, but you have to skip ahead to the weekend. Not much to see in the next few days. In fact, our temperatures will be heading south after tomorrow.

Speaking of, tomorrow we’ll see a big spread in the temperatures across Southern New England. Much of Southern New Hampshire and Northern Mass. will hover near 70, while south of the Pike low 60s will rule. Then farther south in Connecticut, I’m expecting highs in the 50s! It’s all about the who has the sun and who doesn’t.

A warm front is on the way, and like its name implies, there is a bevy of warm air to its south. But getting it through New England is no cake walk. Sometimes they get hung up. Sometimes the fog and low clouds don’t clear. I have some reservations about hitting 80 Saturday, but with such warm air upstairs, ANY sun that pokes out will cause the temperatures to skyrocket. Sunday is worthy of ma – very beautiful…without the shower threat.