We Need Rain!–Just Not On My Weekend Bro

I actually heard that (Blog Title) from a guy a few years ago…."we need rain!—but not on my weekend, bro"…..hahaha, the dude spoke the truth at the time—everybody has been working hard for the weekend (#Loverboy) –and the last thing we want is a washout but getting some rain around these parts would not be a bad thing (recent dryness, allergies).

Well…..good news…we don’t have weekend washout but we do have rain slated for Sunday–especially midday & afternoon. Rain first arrives in the form of sprinkles around 11am and then transitions into showers by afternoon and is with us through the night. Most towns likely pick up between between .15-.25" by late Sunday Night. Outdoor plans Sunday afternoon that need dry weather may be in jeopardy. Sunday Night Sox/Yanks game is likely to be played in some kind of wet weather. Sunday morning looks OK for outdoor activities including Project Bread’s Walk For Hunger! We hope to see you there.

Looking into early next week, the jet stream buckles into a shape that favors anything but springtime sunshine & warmth. Monday looks showery with temps pinned in the 40s. Tuesday & Wednesday may be OK despite a lot of clouds but another batch of rain is likely Thursday & Friday. We need to get this straightened out–stat.

Have a great weekend!


PS…..oh wait….haha…I just realized I skipped over Saturday (you yada-yada’d over the best part JR!)—–Saturday is a nice spring day with a mix of sun & clouds. Like today, temps will be coolest along the coast, low 50s while farther inland the numbers reach the low 60s. Great for all sorts of outdoor activities.