We Want More

 Remember the AT&T commercial from a while back??  The one where the little girl says, “We want more.  We want more.  Like, you really like it… You want more!”  That’s how I felt about this afternoon.  It was so nice to get out of our deep freeze, and see temps rise above 32 degrees for the first time since February 5th!  In fact, despite the 1.2″ of snow Boston picked up with this event, it seemed as though the snow piles around the city were shrinking.  Indeed, they were.  We definitely want more days like this.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature’s thoughts are more like, “Too much of a good thing is just too much.”  Another arctic front is moving on in to set up shop for a couple of days.  The big thing to gather from the forecast for the next 12 hours is, whatever is wet now – will be frozen tomorrow.  Be very careful on on the sidewalks and driveways… especially if your name is Karen.  Both my friend, Karen, and my aunt, Karen, fell on ice this winter and broke some bones.  They actually were in the same physical therapy session the other day… but I digress.  Bottom line:  If your name is Karen, I’m worried about you.

Last weekend when Pete Bouchard said, “The pattern has broken,” I didn’t believe him.  At that time, the cheese stood alone.  Now, a week later, this other cheese (Brie cheese… it’s a real thing, and it’s awesome) is going to join the head cheese on his thoughts.  I do believe the pattern has broken.  We’re no longer living in fear of the next big one, dumping feet of snow, looming just days away.  We have made it through the worst of it.  Now, that’s not to say we’re done with snow for the season but the outlook is much brighter (just not warmer, yet).

So, if you’ve been living in fear of Wednesday – fear not.  We actually get some milder temperatures on Wednesday (just barely above freezing, but we’ll take it).  Another arctic front will be moving through on Wednesday, so there’s still a chance for some snow flurries or light snow showers, but this will not be another storm… Not even kinda.  We keep the cold, but also the bright sunshine, for most of the week.  I see some more melting in our future.  We want more.  – Bri