We Won’t Get Fooled Again

 Meet the new month….same as the old month. #TheWho. We start April like we ended March…bright but chilly. More sunshine today will be required to warm us out of the 20s early this morning. Thankfully, that April sunshine is stringer than March sunshine so we will reach the 40s but we should be into the low 50s by now.

It is ironic that a day with full sunshine only gets us to the 40s but a day full of clouds will get us into the 50s. That happens tomorrow thanks to a warm front that cruises through New England. This front will produce clouds but no rain so a decent early spring day is on the way. Showers will arrive after dark Thursday Night.

Some of those showers will greet us on Friday morning but they won’t last for the day. What will stick around is the warm air. Temps will start the day in the 40s and even with limited sunshine thermometers all over New England will display temps in the 60s by afternoon. Fantastic.

Unfortunately, we turn cold again for Easter Weekend as daytime temps only reach the low/mid 40s. Saturday showers but Sunday sunshine.