The earworm dujour is Love Rollercoaster–Red Hot Chili Peppers. While driving into work & knowing that we were wicked cold yesterday (by November standards, 38) and then would head up near 60 by Friday afternoon. It’s easy to see how that tune could find its way into a meteorologists head.

Sometimes when you go from 30s to 50s, you notice it with weather…clouds, rain, t-storms…but this time our little warm front is only popping some clouds across the region this morning. These clouds will drift away during the morning & that will open the flood gates to milder air as  I think most towns finish the day near 50. The only wrinkle is a southwest wind helping to move that warmth in here, it may steal some of the mild feel to the air. #SplittingHairs.

Tomorrow & into the weekend are dry & mild with tomorrow being the warmest as many cities & towns reach 60 by afternoon. Saturday & Sunday are still mild but with more clouds around look for afternoon highs to finish in the low to mid 50s. In terms of any beneficial rains, that looks to happen on Monday as a fairly decent storm sweeps a bag of rain across New England. An inch of rain is quite possible with this storm.


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