Website lists happiest, unhappiest states in the US

Which states are the happiest in the nation? Personal finance website Wallethub has compiled a list.

The site used data from the US Census Burea, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and several other factors to put together the states ranking highest in overall happiness based on metrics from emotional health to income levels to sports participation rates.

According to Wallethub’s findings, Utah is the happiest state in the nation with a “total score” of 71.02. The state ranked first in work environment, second in “community environment” and fourth in “emotional and physical well-being.”

In New England, New Hampshire ranked highest, at No. 11 overall. The state got high marks for emotional and physical well-being but was average in other categories.

Massachusetts ranked 16th overall in happiness, third in New England (behind New Hampshire and Vermont). Connecticut finished 17th, and Rhode Island was 27th.

Maine ranked as the unhappiest state in New England and was 33rd in the nation.

Minnesota, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Colorado rounded out the top five happiest states in the country.

The unhappiest state according to Wallethub’s metrics was West Virginia. Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arkansas rounded out the bottom five.

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