Action now after a Hank investigation of a controversial wedding photographer. He’s now ordered to pay more than half a million dollars in penalties — including restitution to his angry customers.

It’s payback time for more than one hundred fifty angry couples — They’d complained they’d hired wedding photographer Jesse Clark to take pictures and videos on their once in a lifetime day — but then he never provided them. A superior court judge now says he has to pay them back.

When last we saw wedding photographer Jesse Clark he was running from our questions. Clark pushed me aside, knocked over a photographer, and ran away.

Now it looks like he’s still running — he failed to show up in court to hear that judges restitution ruling. But the court order is good news for the outraged brides and grooms who told us he ruined their weddings.

The AG’s now had more than a hundred-fifty similar complaints — She told us — Clark “stole thousands of dollars from newlyweds”.

Martha Coakley: “They have not made any effort to act in good faith or in accordance with Massachusetts law.”

More good news for the ripped off couples–the AG’s office tells me they have a lot of those wedding photos…They say the goal is to match the pictures to the couples–and get the pictures where they belong.

And looks like Clark wont be able to do this to any other newlyweds–the court also ruled he can never again conduct a wedding photography business in Massachusetts.

If you are looking for your wedding photos contact the MA Attorney General’s office for more information:

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