Now a story you’ll see on just one station: Dozens of local newlyweds say the videographer they paid to shoot their weddings never gave them their videos. When they turned to Hank to investigate she confronted the photographer. You won’t believe what happened next!

Look how much Jesse Clark wants to get away from me, away from questions, away from cameras. But he’s not just running away from us. This wedding photographer’s apparently running away from dozens of newlyweds who say he ran off with their precious memories.

Katie Lloyd, Newlywed 

“This was a wedding a momentous occasion that you want to remember for the rest of your life and he ruined it.”

Tina Saadallah, Newlywed 

“It’s that one special day and you only have that once chance to live it and to have lost that is heartbreaking.”

Tina and Katie hired Clark who owns “SureShot Portraits” in Millbury to produce their wedding videos. Here he is at Tina’s. That was last summer and Tina and her husband are still waiting to get the video.

Mano Saadallah, Newlywed 

“We did not get anything from Jesse.”


“and how long has it been?”

Mano Saadallah, Newlywed 

“It’s been ten months and a week.”

Now all Tina and Mano and dozens of other couples have are pictures friends and family took on their big day. The angry couples say they gave Clark a lot of money and all they’ve gotten in return is excuses.

Tina Saadallah, Newlywed 

“In February we got an email from him saying he’d lost all of our footage because of a server crash from hurricane Irene.”


“What did you think about that?”

Tina Saadallah, Newlywed 

“I thought it was bogus.”

We went to his Millbury studio and found it packed up and empty. The Massachusetts Attorney General has 36 complaints against Clark. Millbury police say they’re inundated with complaints but told us there’s nothing they can do because Clark did videotape the weddings and the contracts the couples signed don’t specify how long he has to provide the edited videos.

Detective Nick Fortunato, Millbury Police 

“It’s unfortunate it really is, because the wedding videos are very important to couples.”

Just this week Detective Fortunato arranged for Clark and his dad to turn over several hard drives that Clark says hold dozens of wedding videos. We watched him deliver the drives to police and when he came out we tried to talk to him.

Hank says to Jesse Clark: 

“What would you like to say to the brides?”

But that’s when Clark decided to make a break for it. His father pushed him out the door – slamming me aside. You can see Clark shove a photographer from another TV station who falls to the ground. Then he sprints off across the parking lot and that’s the last we saw of him.

But we did get to see something that’s good news for some of the couples who are desperate for their “I Do” videos. Millbury police showed us what was on those hard drives: once in a lifetime moments safely preserved. Now they’re trying to get these unique memories to the couples who are waiting to see them.

Katie Lloyd, Newlywed 

“Something that should have been a great experience has turned into a horror story.”

If you’ve been waiting to get your wedding video from Jesse Clark, Milbury police say they may be able to help you. The chief says his department is making copies of the raw video from the hard drives and they may be able to help couples get it.

Email Detective Fortunato for more information:

If you’d like to file a complaint about SureShot Portraits contact the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Public Inquiry and Assistance Center hotline:  617-727-8400 or

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