It was nice to walk my son to the bus stop with temps in the 20s for a change. He noticed too, but got a little greedy.

“So when is it going to be in the 70s, Dad?”

Easy now. We’re a long way from those big numbers. This is just a small two-day thaw amidst a lot of clouds. Saturday’s highs add a little to today’s low 40s, while Sunday we make a run for 50 or better!

While in Super Bowl news, the NFL got off easy on this one:

Imagine the wintry possibilities of a major outdoor sporting event in early February. Murphy’s Law didn’t apply here, but I suggest we don’t poke a sleeping bear next time.

Next week gets stormy folks. I see a glancing shot at some snowflakes on Monday for the Cape/Islands and then a major winter event for Wednesday for all of New England. That’s not to mention the runner-up storm next Saturday. All told, we’ll be busy in the weather office. The cold is marginal for snow, the rain wants to come in along the coast, and there are issues with the track in both storms.

Hmph. Let’s just get passed the Super Bowl.Who you gonna take?

My vote: the commercials (they always win) and Omaha, Nebraska.

Enjoy the weekend.

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