Weekend storm to bring heavy rain, possible flooding followed by flash freeze

(WHDH) — A flood watch has been issued for all of southern New England, including Massachusetts, due to heavy rain that is expected to drench the region starting Friday morning.

The National Weather Service says the flood watch is effective from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon. The heaviest of the rain is expected Friday night through Saturday morning, when freezing become a concern.

Due to mild temperatures that are expected to climb into the 50s and 60s on Friday, the storm will not bring any threat for snow in Southern New England.

The combination of moderate to heavy rain, on top of snow melt and the possibility of isolated ice jams along area rivers and streams, presents the threat of localized street flooding. Snow-clogged drains will present a serious threat for flooding as well.

In many areas, 1-3 inches of rain is expected, according to Chief meteorologist Jeremy Reiner.

Freezing rain and drizzle could start to fall at the tail-end of the storm system around midday Saturday. A flash freeze is possible and it could last well into the afternoon hours. Motorists are urged to exercise caution due to likely black ice.

“Arctic air comes charging back in on Saturday. As part of this storm, a flash freeze is a concern,” Meteorologist Chris Lambert said.

Temperatures are expected to dip into the 20s Saturday night for the Patriots-Titans playoff game.

Lambert says Tuesday and Wednesday of next week could bring a possible snowstorm.

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