WHAT a day!!!  I heard Pete mention me on air last night, and he said it was probably a good thing I missed the severe weather last week (I was on vacation) because I don't need anything else scaring me away (after this winter, of course).  Who's scared?!  Not me!  But, this New England weather will keep a girl on her toes… no matter the season.  It's my first day back from a week off – and it's baptism by Tornado Warnings (yes, plural).  

It was a "wild weather Wednesday," that started early for many of us.  J.R. sure had his share of the busy life this morning with downpours amounting to more than 2.5" in some spots in around an hour's time!  As I type, there still hasn't been any confirmation on if Massachusetts even saw a tornado today…even though we lived through multiple warnings today.  It was pretty amazing that we saw a one-two-punch with all of this… and sandwiched in between round one and two was some sunshine and heat.  

We can all wipe our brows now, though.  A big sigh of relief could be heard all around the newsroom tonight (coming from the weather office, I'm sure).  The final act of this show wraps up by about 9pm, the fat lady can sing, and we can queue the curtain… Show's over.  Partial clearing is expected tonight, and the drier air will be working in (thank goodness the humidity is on the way out).

Yesterday I was gettin' my hair did and someone at the salon was talking about how the 4th of July was looking like rain.  I felt pretty good about being able to spread the good news that Independence Day is looking better and better, the closer we get to the weekend.  Aside from the slight chance of a quick pop-up shower (nothing crazy; just a bit o' rain) – the next 5-6 days look dry.  That means more sunshine than clouds through Saturday – a few clouds on Saturday – but still, a great holiday weekend ahead.  

Oh – and just a quick story from my vacation:  I spoke with Elsa (you know, the Elsa – the one from that movie about last winter in Boston).  I met up with her upon my visit to Arendelle, via Disneyland, and she informed me that she doesn't control the weather.  I'll tell you – THAT was an awkward conversation.  But then I got to thinking, what right to I have blaming a single person for the weather conditions, when I don't have the power to control the weather either?  It was an eye-opening and educational encounter with a completely fictional character.  

Have a great night, and I'll see you tomorrow!  – Breezy

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