Welcome Changes

 We were making our weekly visit to Haymarket today, and I heard someone exclaim from behind a giant rack of $1 eggplants, “We had wahm weathah in Decembah, but just crap in Mahch!”  (It was a very thick Boston accent, and it made me giggle as I moved on to the great deal on strawberries… It is strawberry season after all, which is another sign that we are moving forward into spring).

That person has a point… it is true, but we have to remember that March “roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”  Where I come from (Boise, ID) that would mean a windy start and a calm end – but here it seems it means a cold start followed by a ????  Time will tell, but I do believe we are on the up and up, with a few bouts of “down” mixed in. That’s to say, we’re still in for a few more cold days – and just to be clear, I’m also not saying that we’re done with the snow.  As Pete Bouchard says, “Never say ‘never’ in weather!”  It could happen, just like the April Fool’s Day Blizzard of 1997!  Yikes.  I’m rooting for the snow record and all, but I don’t want any part of a repeat of that!

Today was awesome, but it was still below normal.  I will say though, no matter how you dice it, slice it and serve it up, 38 felt much better than our high of 24 yesterday.  The uptick in temperatures will continue through the beginning of the work week and I still have 50 in my forecast!  I have second guessed myself a lot on that 50 degree high on Wednesday, but it’s not outlandish to think some areas could make it there for a fleeting second.  I’ve said it many times this week: I hate to promise you the moon and then not deliver, but even mid to upper 40s will feel awesome in the sunshine!

Wednesday is when temps peak, and then we’re back down into the 30s.  Yes, it’s another round of cold – but it’s definitely not as cold as some of the days we’ve endured as of late.  Remember how good the 30s felt today?  Yeah, it will feel like that.  

As for the immediate future, the “warming” trend continues.  Tonight and tomorrow may feature a few “hit or miss” flurries and/or showers, but no accumulation is expected – and most areas will miss these isolated showers altogether.  Temps tomorrow will top out on either side of 40.  If you’ve been wondering what it feels like to be “normal,” tomorrow is your day (unless you’re me, because I’m hardly ever normal)!

Aside from those few isolated showers I just mentioned, we stay dry and quiet all week long.  It’s Saturday that has my wheels turning again… could be a wintry mix, and it could be all rain.  What I do know though is it looks like another storm next weekend.  I’d love to tell you exactly what it will look like, but it’s still a week away.  A lot can change in a transition month like March.  So we’ll just keeping marching on.  – Bri

Oh!  One more thing!  Don’t forget the clocks tonight!!!  “Spring forward” an hour, and the sun will be setting at 6:42pm tomorrow.  That gives my heart joy.