It’s official!  As of 6:51AM, summer has begun thanks to the summer solstice. The summer solstice marks the sun reaching the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 degrees north in latitude), as the northern hemisphere is directly tilted toward the sun.  At noon, the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky that it’ll be all year long, also marking the longest day of the year with a sunrise of 5:08 AM and sunset of 8:25 PM for us. 

Without a doubt, that summer sun has some work to do this morning as it feels more like the beginning of Fall thanks to a very low humidity air mass in place, allowing for a chilly start to the weekend.  Fear not though, we’ll warm quickly through the day. As high pressure continues to build in from our north, low humidity and sunshine prevail through the weekend as the next couple days feature temps near 80 inland and in the lower 70s at the coast.  Each afternoon features cumulus clouds building to mix in with the sun, mainly away from the coast, but the overall atmosphere is too dry to produce any showers. Okay, maybe it’s a bit cool for the beach, but with lots of sunshine, the sand will be warm and the sunscreen a must.  Heading to the ball field, golf course, wedding or graduation party this weekend?  Two big thumbs up on the weather for that, and yes, tonight will be cool again , so throw an extra log or two into the fire pit this evening, and if you’re out all day, into the evening, have an extra layer handy after sunset as temps cool quickly again.

While most of us have no complaints, the garden may argue otherwise.  Those tomato, pepper, and many other plants will start wilting if you don’t get some water on them this weekend and early next week. 

Humidity increases a bit early next week, and quite a bit by Wednesday as temps warm back into the middle 80s.   There’s a slight risk of a few thunderstorms scattered about Wednesday late afternoon/night, but don’t count on all towns getting hit.  Thursday and Friday look mainly dry again. 


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