SOMERVILLE, MASS. (WHDH) - A young boy with an incredible imagination is spreading holiday cheer in Somerville where a magical world has sprung up in a vacant lot.

The tiny town of “Elfland” boasts a library, a hospital, a community garden and even a dinosaur farm — basically, everything an elf moving to the area could dream of.

“Elfland” comes from the mind of an 8-year-old boy and his family, who are choosing to remain anonymous in order to keep the magic of the town alive.

The boy said he started seeing elves planting trees one day back in August. The next day he claims he saw signs posted asking someone to build homes for them.

“They were invisible to grownups,” he said.

“When our son said that the elves needed houses, we thought it was great,” his dad said. “We built a bunch and then some of our son’s friends helped build a bunch.”

The Somerville community has even gotten involved and the family says model houses, an ice rink and even solar-powered lights have appeared anonymously.

“It’s fantastic,” said the boy’s mom. “Because when we started it out it was a surprise for people in the neighborhood, that it appeared and now we get to be surprised that people put items in.”

The boy architect says his main hope for the impromptu installation is to make people happy.

“We have a list on our refrigerator of ideas for ‘Elfland,’ what it still needs. Maybe an animal shelter next,” his mom said.

The family said they love that they can help share their imagination with the area. The idea is to keep the magic going for as long as possible.

Though right now, it is unclear how long that might be.

The lot that “Elfland” was constructed on is being considered for upcoming development. Somerville’s Development Planning Board will be discussing this prospect at a meeting on December 16.

Those who love the city’s newest residents are asking people to attend that meeting and help to defend “Elfland.”

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