It seems like winter’s grip just can’t completely let go of us this Spring, and just as in the last couple days, we have another cool one to deal with today.  Onshore winds this time of year crush the hopes and dreams of any warm-up, and today is no exception as temps hold in low 40s at the coast.  Inland, we’ll near 50.  At times enough low level moisture works in to drag in low clouds too, most prevalent closer to the coast.  A few towns may catch a patch of drizzle or a sprinkle near the coast, but much of the time is dry.  

So where do where go from here?  It’s a slow go the next 24 hours, but the trend will be to the warmer side, and you’ll feel the difference by Saturday afternoon as winds turn west, and temps warm into the low 60s as any spotty showers miss us to our north in the morning. 

As high pressure builds back over us for Easter Sunday, we’ll start off on the chilly side in the morning (30s)  for those early church services, but warm up into the mid to upper 50s inland in the afternoon with sunshine, and near 50 at the coast.  I’m sure at that point, the kids will have chowed down plenty of chocolate bunnies and peeps.

Marathon Monday looks to feature pleasant weather too.  Temperatures start out in the 30s at sunrise and warm into the lower to middle 60s by mid to late afternoon thanks to a southerly breeze that blows from right to left across the Marathon route. 

Tuesday nears 70 before cooler weather and wet weather settles in for Wednesday.

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