Lot of drama getting the temperatures to the 50s (or near 50 for some) this afternoon. Started murky and drizzly, then the sun broke out, then the clouds returned to put the fizzle on the warmup. Had we stayed sunny & bright all afternoon, someone could have made the low 60s!

Cooldown is already in the works. 40s tomorrow – which is seasonably “fair” according to this forecaster. Another weather system will dart in here on Saturday with a whole new batch of mild temps (see above). 50s are again within reach as the mild air is directed in here with a southwest wind. Sunday will cool to seasonable levels while more cold takes aim at us to start the workweek.

In fact, it’s REALLY cold early next week. All we need is a big ol’ early spring storm to….

…wait, what’s that last graphic showing above?

Yeah, it’s on our radar. We’re aware of it. We know it has potential to be, um, a blizzard. We know the models are all jiving saying it will crank snow/wind over us from Tuesday night to Wed. AM. So, then why aren’t we all over it? Why don’t we get on the air now and jump up and down about it?

You know why. It’s just too early. In recent weeks, after the early/mid winter volley of storms, there were at least 3 of “coulda, woulda, shoulda” snowstorms (see Monday in Greater D.C.) that we missed. Barking about this one 5+ days out – in the spring (transition) season – is speculative and fraught with error. So until this storm’s energy has materialized and moved onto North America, I’m on the sidelines with this one. That said, this storm is big enough that even a glancing shot will give us wind and some flakes. For that reason, I’m keeping it in the 7 day.

Point taken…winter’s still got a hold of us, right?

Hang on. Late breaking news hot off the latest run of the European long range (20 + days) weather maps points to a major shift in the pattern in early to mid April. A westerly shift in tropical thunderstorms over the Indian Ocean could signal a major shakeup in the weather over North America – triggering a warmup in the Eastern US. Significantly warmer? Perhaps. Long term? As in more than a day? Yes, several if it takes hold.

Now where did I put that sunscreen?


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