Well That Was Nice

Stunning afternoon with highs again cresting at 70 or better area wide. Thank the mild night for that boost. Another combo like that coming with the mild air sticking around, but already the upper atmosphere is conspiring against us to bring the chill back to New England.

First, the mild day tomorrow. Good time to get your outdoor affairs in order. Raking, mowing, bringing in lawn furniture, you know, the fun stuff. Fair warning, however: there is a midday shower threat as the front moves through.

Now don’t get me wrong. Sunday is a workable day too in the sense that there’s no shower threat, but the air is much colder from start to finish, AND the sun really won’t get the upper hand until afternoon.

While we’re at it, this is a time to clarify our forecast high temperatures. When we give the 7 day forecast, the high and low temperatures are a blend of the suburbs and the city. For example, that Monday low of 36 is a rough average of 30-32 in the suburbs and around 38 in the city. Same with the highs. Got it?

Once the front clears, the cold pours in Sunday. Monday sees some recovery, but by then our attention will be focused on a prolonged coastal storm setting up from Tuesday to Friday.

Yes, this is a long term deal. Some of the weather maps are cranking up the water too. Rainfall amounts of 4-8 inches are being tossed around New England like a pile of leaves. Coastal flooding is rearing its ugly head too as strong winds pile water up against the coast. This storm is big, it’s stalling and it will nag us until Friday. Much more ahead on this over the next few days, but I just wanted to tip you off to it early.

Now, go enjoy the weekend. And be kind with the leaves. No one likes a raking war. #yourtreemytree