What did you wake up to this morning?  Really, conditions varied all across the area: Some picking up 1.5"  of snow (Haverhill, Gardner, Hubbardston), and others getting more than 2" of rain (Chatham, Nantucket).  Some are calling this storm a Nor’easter, but I really haven’t liked using that term for this system.  I mean, does the term "Nor’easter" shout "RAIN!" at you?  To me, a Nor’easter would include the blasting NE winds, coastal flooding concerns, and inches – even FEET of snow.  None of those components were really with us this morning, because well… the cold air wasn’t there.  Not cold enough, anyway.  If the cold had been in place, we would have been working around the clock to track 1-2’+ of snow.  So, that’s why I say:  "Well, that was weird."  It was weird; for this time of year, anyway.

We’re over half-way through winter (I should have clarified here, I’m talking about Meteorological Winter which runs from Dec. 1st through February 29th) – and still, seasonal snow totals are a bit piddly.  With an additional 0.9" of snow for Worcester today, the seasonal snowfall total is up to a "whopping" 5.5" (wah – wah).  For Boston, only 1.2" for the season so far.  Huh?  Still, in the next week there really isn’t much snow to talk about.  However, there is more COLD.

Tomorrow is seasonable, with partly cloudy skies and temps topping out in the mid 30s (normal high for BOS is 35°).  Then, an arctic front moves in overnight tomorrow to set us up for a bitter start to the work-week.  Along with this front will likely be some snow showers and even some snow squalls, right into the Monday morning commute.  Generally speaking, it doesn’t look likely for anywhere to pick up more than 2" of snowfall – and most of us will only get a coating to an inch, if any at all.  Coastal areas are more likely to near that 2" mark – but as we know with snow squalls, it’s anyone’s guess.  This will be something to really be aware of for Monday, because those snow squalls can reduce visibility and drop a bit of snow very quickly.  

It’s not only cold for the first part of the work-week (highs only in the low to mid 20s), but it’s also blustery.  The breeze is with us on Monday, and is windy for Tuesday into Wednesday.  That means, while temps top out in the 20s (ouch), it will feel like it’s in the single-digits (brutal).  My husband said it best the other day, "The wind hurts my face!  Why does the wind hurt my face?!"  :c)  It made me laugh.

While we do keep the cold, we also get some sun in there by Tuesday.  I really am not raising any eyebrows at the weather past Monday… until we get to next weekend.  Models are not in agreement – there’s still a lot of factors to come into play – there are still a few days to iron out the details… but there is a chance at another storm next weekend.  Stay tuned…

Have a great weekend!  -Breezy

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