A group of students had a disappointing end to their highly anticipated talent show, after their school principal pulled the plug on their Trump-inspired performance.

Five fifth grade students at Fiske Elementary School in Wellesley came up with an act in which three of them broke out in dance while wearing Donald Trump masks, and the other two held a presidential dance-off, with one dressed as Donald Trump and one dressed as Marco Rubio.

Their performance was a huge hit with their classmates, and it took the Internet by storm.

But an hour before the talent show, their principal called pulled the plug on the act.

“We just got a phone call that there had been a parent reaction that was negative,” parent Laurie Mattaliano said.

The parents of the boys said they were surprised and disappointed.

“They just were trying to make people laugh, and we could all dance some more,” parent Deb van Derveen said.

The boys were left scratching their heads.

“At first I was super, super confused because I wasn’t sure how we were offending anybody,” Andrew van Derveen said.

By showtime, the three little Trumps couldn’t rework their act. However, the two boys who were performing the dance-off altered their act, and were able to perform.

“The show must go on, basically,” Mikey Messore said. “No matter what happens, you have to do something.”

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