This weekend’s winter-like weather makes 10 consecutive weekends with SNOW.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but my opinion is that this “same ol’ song and dance” thing is getting OLD.  Old Man Winter has overstayed his welcome, and even winter-weather lovers are ready to trade the snow shovels for lawn mowers and grills.

The good news is, spring snow is good for fertilizing the lawn.  It’s true.  Pete Bouchard told me that, and I believe everything he says.  He’s the chief.  :c)  The other good news is, most of the snow today has had a hard time sticking.  Roads were wet, rather than white, and I even noticed that the mountains of snow that had become permanent fixtures in the Faneuil Hall area have completely disappeared.  It may seem like the we take one step forward and two steps back, but the fact is… we’re getting there… we’re getting closer to turning a corner every week.  

The snow will take several more hours to move out completely, but the bands are sliding farther SE as the evening wears on.  I think it’s a possibility that as temps drop tonight, we will see an inch or two accumulate in SE Mass before all is said and done, but that’s NOT for roads and paved surfaces.  I think that, as it has been through the day, the snow will only be able to hang on to grassy surfaces, parked cars, and porch railings.  

Temps will get into the 20s tonight and into tomorrow morning, so watch out for areas of refreeze.  Tomorrow is a perfect “winter” day, with sunshine and highs near 40.  Still not spring-like weather, but it’s an improvement.  Again… we’re getting there.

We do stay in a chilly pattern through the middle of this week.  This also looks to keep the storm track pumping in a couple more chances for a few more flakes to fly.  The first round of showers will make its way through on Monday midday-ish.  Temps will be in the upper 30s and low 40s, so if we do get snow showers, it will be like today – difficult for it to stick.  The next chance for flakes will be overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday morning.  For now, the models are taking this track south.  If we get some snow showers, it should be south of the Pike.  

…and one more time… we’re getting there.  Milder temps move in for the end of the week, and we’re once again flirting with 60 for a fleeting second.  We still haven’t made it there this year… but we’re getting there (you get the point).  Like last week, our milder temps come along with some wet weather.  Still, it’s rain rather than snow – so that’s another step in the right direction.

Will next weekend be our 11th weekend in a row with snow?  I really hope not, but it looks like another cold front will move through next weekend. Since many people seem to think I have some sort of power in the matter of weather, I’m going to go ahead and give the “meteorology voo-doo” a good ol’ college try.  I’ll go put on my irrigatin’ boots and do my rain dance.  That’s sure to prevent snow for next weekend… and even if it doesn’t, it will be a hilarious scene and maybe I’ll even post the video on Instagram. 

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