Now that was a storm.

The nor’easter is in it’s death throws, but before it totally departs, rain will be thrown back over us throughout the night. This will add to the amounts you see to the right, but just a few more cents. And really, after 5-6″ of rain, what’s a few more tenths of an inch? Moreover, this will NOT cause renewed flooding or aggravate the flood situation. Simply icing on the cake after a big, ugly storm.

So how did we fall in the crosshairs of this storm? What about Northern New England getting all the water? Those are good questions. My best answer is that all the intense rain and precipitation stayed close to the center of the storm (near Block Island) instead of expanding north to Central New England like the weather maps insisted it would. Meant the difference between us seeing 5-6 inches of rain and North Conway seeing it. I still say that even with today’s far-advanced weather models, monster storms like our nor’easters are poorly handled – in any season.

So I’m thinking. Is late October the time for major storms? Snow, wind, rain? I’d argue the case, just like the one I make for major warmups in mid-April around Marathon time. I’m seeing a pattern here in this new climate regime. If nothing else, it’s funny how weather can repeat itself every couple of years.

Anyway, there’s some sun in the forecast, but we’re going to have to dig for it. After a few morning showers, drying will come in the afternoon with a few rays breaking through the overcast. I’m more optimistic about the look of the weekend, with a good supply of mild air and sunshine both days.

Time for a break.



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