West Point developing career fields to fight cyber warfare

West Point, NY (CNN) — For the U.S. the concept of cyber warfare has never been more relevant or more feared.

And if it happens it won’t just be the intelligence community fighting it.

Steeped in tradition and dating back centuries, West Point is now at the forefront at developing the armies newest and most technologically advanced career field combating the growing threat in

cyber space.

Colonel Andrew Hall leads the Army Cyber Institute at West Point, which not only runs the education program there, but also operates as a think tank on cyber warfare issues.

For cadets like 22-year-old Diana Contreras, one of 15 cyber officers to be commissioned this year, it is a big responsibility.

“It’s something that is so vital,” said Contreras, “offense defense.”

Old principles for a new and unpredictable kind of warfare.

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