WESTWOOD, Mass. (WHDH) — When a baby stopped breathing mid flight a local woman jumped in to help save the baby’s life.

“The baby had been unconscious so many times I was literally flipping the baby back and forth freeing as much as I could,” Jeanne Gallahue

Gallahue, a CPR trainer and first responder, is used to heading into emergency situations.

But the 63-year-old was on her way to Puerto Rico with her family and wasn't expecting to be performing CPR on a 6-month-old in the middle of her flight.

“All of a sudden I heard screaming that they needed medical help,” she said.

The family was on board Jetblue flight 1347 and a baby girl in the back of the plane was unresponsive.

For two hours Jeanne and another nurse on the flight worked to save this infants life.

“She would come to and then all of a sudden she would become rigid and unresponsive, no heart beat, no breathing and I would resume CPR,” she said.

The pilot made an emergency landing in North Carolina where Jeanne handed the baby off to a medical crew.

She says she's been told the baby survived and she knows it's because of the team that came together onboard that flight.

“Together everybody achieved a miracle that day. There is no question in my mind; there were so many people that were involved in that. It was truly a miracle,” Gallahue said.

A flight attendant took detailed notes of everything Jeanne was doing so they could pass that information along to the medical team in North Carolina.

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