I think the most amazing thing about the two championship games tonight was that in both areas (Seattle and Foxborough) the weather was very similar.  Here in Boston we had unseasonably warm temps for Sunday; into the low 50s for many locations!  In Seattle, right around 50 degrees for game time as well… plus, both Gillette and Century Link arenas were wet.  Looks like even the precip amounts are really close to one another, from one side of the country to the other.  Pretty cool, right?

As I mentioned, some locations were able to break into the 50s today, but other places to the NW of 495 were not so lucky.  One of our weather spotters, Bob from Millis, said the low today was 18F and the high was 52F.  Quite a difference!  Meanwhile, it took Fitchburg the entire day to climb out of the 30s.  I had a few people ask me on Twitter, “What happened, Bri?”  Well, this tends to happen often this time of year, I’m learning.  The cold, dense air is slow to erode as the milder air works in from the south.  It just kinda “sticks,” and I understand that it just kinda “stinks” for everyone stuck in winter while everyone else is bragging about balmy weather!  I think tomorrow we’ll even out across the board, with highs in the mid 30s to low 40s.

After the “just in time for the big game” rain (good timing, right?) we will dry out overnight.  It looks like the last of the showers will work east of the Cape around 1am.  However, with such wet weather through the day today – and cooling temps overnight, we’ll have to watch out for slick sidewalks and stairs into tomorrow morning.  This caution won’t be for MetroWest, where it looks like lows will stay just a touch above freezing.  However, the areas that do need to be careful tomorrow will be those same areas that didn’t warm quickly today; north and west of 495.  

It looks like the cold is back into the forecast for the rest of the week… and it also looks like we stay dry.  The light snow we were once looking for on Wednesday seems to want to stay to the south of us.  I think it’s possible that we could see some flurries on Thursday, mainly in SE MA and coastal locations but it won’t amount to much.  I haven’t even included this chance in my 7on7 Forecast because most of us will NOT see any snow this week… and that looks to be the most likely scenario.

Look – I’m having a hard time concentrating because, well, I need to watch this game!  Go PATS!

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