Someone on Twitter asked me last night, "So it will be a good day for staying inside and watching Sunday football?"  Heck yes.  What a perfect day to stay inside, curled up on the couch with a blanket, while wearing comfy sweatpants… watching ANYTHING on TV… it didn’t have to be football.  It certainly felt like fall today.  While we did get some lulls in the wet weather, the heavy rain and downpours came back with a vengeance in the late afternoon/early evening hours.  We’ll continue with this trend with wet weather through midnight tonight, before drying and clearing takes over.

The low that is bringing us the showers and storms to New England tonight will pass to the NE overnight, and tomorrow another low moves in from the NW bringing with it a pocket of cool air.  If today didn’t feel like fall, tomorrow really will.  Highs will be in the mid to upper 60s in Worcester County to the mid 70s in SE Mass. – and it will be breezy and/or gusty!  Maybe not a bad idea to put out the new fall sweater or sweatshirt for the kiddo/s to wear to school tomorrow.  While most of us will stay dry on Monday, there is a chance of showers for points N and W of 495.

Missing summer already? Just wait until Tuesday.  High pressure will move in as our dominate feature through the end of the week, bringing warm and dry weather.  Don’t worry, though.  I said "warm," not "hot."  We’re talking FANTASTICAL, MAGICAL weather; Sunshine, low humidity and low to mid 80s!  Can I get a "woot woot!"  On Wednesday, a sea breeze will keep areas along the coastline in the 70s – but still a pleasant day.  It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to frolic through the streets with non-stop jazz hands.  BUT… I don’t want you to think I’m a crazy person.

Hope you had a splendid weekend!  Now, back to Sunday Night Football… – Breezy

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