Wetter Times Ahead

After a super weekend, we tried to hang on to the warmth today and with a high of 80, I think we did a pretty good job. There was even a ting of humidity – but just enough to make it comfortable.

Joining forces with a slow-moving weather system, that humidity feeds a few showers through Tuesday. Downpours are possible, but I think they’ll be mostly light showers scooting through from early ’til late. In between the showers, we might have a chance to dry out, so this isn’t looking like an all-day rain.

Cooler air comes sailing down from Northern New England on Wednesday. This weekend, I was hopeful we would see sunshine accompany the dry air, but now it appears the low clouds will be a bigger player in the forecast. Winds will be from the northeast, so I’m not expecting much from the temperatures either. Translated: beach days are not in the cards.

Chance for a little sun on Thursday before another system rolls through Friday with muggy air and a few more downpours. Timing seems right again for a super weekend: small chance at some scattered storms Saturday and a stellar Father’s Day.

Make it a good one.