What a Spread

Huge temperature contrast across New England today. 50s in Connecticut to mid 70s in New Hampshire. Across the Commonwealth, it was a blend of both: we just made 60 in Boston, while 70s surfaced again in Northern Mass.

Sharply cooler tomorrow thanks to the onshore wind. Clouds – and a few light showers – will also throw some salt on the wound. Not expecting us to get much farther than 60 in any one spot. For all the clouds we’ll see tomorrow, you’d think there might be a bit more in the rain department to water down the pollen and give the lawns, gardens and woods a wet down. Well, I’m not seeing it. This front is mostly dry and at a loss for organized rain.

How about over the weekend? Again, we’ll sift through the clouds on Saturday, but there won’t be much in the way of wet weather. Graphic to the right shows how much of a chance for rain we have in the coming days….pretty minuscule after tomorrow.

We’ll be busy with the warm weather instead. Saturday challenges 80 and after a mild start Sunday, west winds will boost us near that value again. Monday’s still semi-mild, but he forecast gets muddy after that.

Some of the weather maps keep us roasting through Tuesday – to the tune of low/mid 80s! Others cool us down into the 60s or even 50s! It’s a huge discrepancy, but not uncommon in the transition seasons (spring/fall). I’m seeing more signs of cooler weather than warmer at this point, so I’ll play it conservatively and cool us down after Monday – in dramatic New England “Back Door” cold front style.

Keep looking up.