What not to give your dog this Thanksgiving holiday

(WHDH) — Kelsie Young and her dog, Zeke, are anticipating the biggest meal of the year.

“I really like to make the traditional mashed potatoes,” Young said. “They’re my favorite.”

But one vet says for dogs, these Thanksgiving cravings can come at a cost.

“There’s new smells, there’s new food, there’s new people,” says Dr. Angelica Dimock. “It’s a lot. It’s a lot for us and it’s even more for a dog.”

Dimock says that many of the foods that are so good to us on Thanksgiving can be quite bad for dogs. Those foods include onions, garlic, and chive — all of which cause digestive problems for animals.

So too do fruits like grapes and raisins.

“They can actually cause kidney failure, and it’s usually fatal, so just keep away from grapes and raisins. That’s kind of the easy thing to say.”

Other foods that dogs shouldn’t be given include chocolate, guacamole, and nuts. And on the holiday — or any other day — you shouldn’t throw your dog a bone.

“Raw or cooked bones for turkeys, just because they are so small and fragile, they can cause a lot of issues,” Dimock says. “They can cause choking hazards, they can actually block the intestines and require emergency surgeries.”

Dimock says it is ok to let dogs indulge on sweet potatoes, pumpkins, or carrots. And of course, let them know that you are thankful.

“It’s just that they have a lot of love to give,” Young said. “They’re always there, ready to give you some kisses.”

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