The Green Briar Irish Pub in Brighton has been going strong for 25 years and now they have a brand new beer garden where you can enjoy some of their signature dishes. This week their beer baked haddock is What’s Cooking.

Baked Haddock with Grilled Corn and Mango Salsa over Jasmine rice

Bake the Haddock in oven (350*) for about 10/15 minutes depending on size (season the haddock with salt & pepper, any summer beer or shandy and butter)
Grilled Corn & Mango Salsa recipe with ratios of ingredients Grill a 4 ears of corn and when it has a nice grilled char cut off the corn from the cob and put into a bowl.
Grill a 2  red peppers the same way and then immerse them in ice water bath and remove the skin from the peppers, chop up the rest and add it to the bowl of corn Add ¼ bunch of chopped cilantro and the juice of 1 lime Add chunks  of 1 Mango Add 1 Jalepeno Pepper diced with seeds removed Mix in bowl Salt & pepper to taste
Put rice on plate first, place the haddock over it and cover with the nice colorful salsa. Add some slices of avocado as a healthy edible garnish.

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