Caramel apples are perfect this time of year, but this recipe has a twist on the traditional.

— 2 lb of sugar
— 6 oz corn starch
— 6 oz milk powder
— Pinch of nutmeg

— 1 1/2 Gallons Whole Milk
— 2 quarts of eggs
— Bread
— Apples
— Caramel

1. Mix the dry ingredients together, then add 1 and 1/2 gallon of whole milk.

2. Beat 2 quarts of eggs in a separate bowl then add them and mix it all together.

3. Cut the bread in little squares and put them them into the pans. Add custard to the pans to cover the bread. 

4. Mix the chopped apples and caramel then put some in each of the pans. Top with leftover custard mix.

Bake at 380 degrees for about 45 minutes. To keep the custard moist, add water to the bottom of the lipped cookie sheet that the pans are on.

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