What’s Cooking: Mango lobster salad

Fresh, fast and flavorful. That’s how you can describe the lobster mango salad at Abby Park in Milton. Sarah French takes us behind the scenes and shows us how it’s made in this week’s What’s Cooking?

Mango Lobster salad

-4 oz.- Lobster, fresh shucked 
-2 oz. -Spinach, baby
-Half -Avocado
-2 rounds – Red onion, sliced 
-4 each – Cherry tomatoes, cut in half 
-2oz – Mango, julienned 
-1 tbsp. – light mayo 
-1 teaspoon – lemon, juice 
-2 slices – bacon, cooked crispy
-3 oz. – corn kernels, roasted 

Salad Directions
1. In a mixing bowl add the mayo and lemon juice and mix well
2. Add the lobster meat and mix well
3. In a separate mixing bowl add the spinach, bacon, corn and mango vinaigrette and toss
4. Place the spinach in the center of a salad bowl 
5. Place the lobster salad on top, and garnish with avocado and julienned mango
Mango Vinaigrette 
    -2 oz. – fresh mango
    -1 teaspoon – white balsamic vinegar
    -Pinch of salt 

Vinaigrette Directions 
    1.  Place mango, vinegar and salt in a blender and puree