Hummus has always a been a staple of the Mediterranean diet, and at Committee in the Seaport District, they are making a north African version that is to die for. 

North African-style hummus
Dry chickpeas 3 cup
Tehini 1/2 cup
Cooking liquid 1 cup (reserved)
Garlic, minced 1T
Lemon Juice 2T
Salt 2T
Cumin 1.5T
Caraway 2t
Coriander 2t
Allspice 2t
Parsley, chiffonade Garnish
Soak the chickpeas overnight in a generous amount of water. Drain the chickpeas, and cook in
a medium stockpot with 4 qts water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Bring up to a boil and
reduce the heat so a gentle simmer until the chickpeas just start to split and are creamy through
to the center.
Strain the chickpeas, reserving some cooking liquid.
Combine all the ingredients, except the cooking liquid, in a large mixing bowl and mix until even.
In 1qt batches, pulse the mixture in a food processor until creamy, but not completely smooth,
thinning with a little cooking liquid as necessary.
Season to taste.

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