In the latest edition of What’s Cooking, learn how to make Simply Seasoned Fresh Haddock with George Tagarelis.

Simply Seasoned Fresh Haddock (two servings)


1 ¼ – 1 ½ lbs (2 ea filets) Fresh Haddock Filet
1 tsp per filet Simple Signature Seasoning
¼ lb Butter Melted
¼ lb Fresh Baby Spinach
1 tbsp Olive Oil Extra Virgin
1 ea clove Fresh Garlic Minced
Black Pepper To Taste
Sea Salt To Taste
1 ea Fresh Lemon cut in half
½ tsp Soybean Oil
1 tbsp Fresh Parsley Minced

Favorite Side Choice i.e. Fresh Mashed Potato, Oven Roasted Potato or Rice are great compliments!

Simple Signature Seasoning

2 ½ tbsp Sugar
1 ½ tbsp Sea Salt
1 ¼ tbsp Granulated Onion
1 tbsp Granulated Garlic
2 tsp Yellow Mustard Seed
1 tsp Paprika
1 tbsp Black Pepper
¼ tsp Cayenne Pepper
¼ tsp Dill Weed
1 tsp Dried Parsley Flakes
¼ tsp Ground Ginger


Blend all ingredients together and store in air tight plastic container

Preheat oven 425F

Preheat exterior gas grill.

Wash fresh spinach under cold running tap water. Allow to air dry.

Mince 1 ea. fresh garlic clove, reserve.

Wash fresh Lemon, remove approximately ¼” off each end, slice in half, reserve

Wash fresh parsley under cold running tap water, pat dry, remove stems and mince, reserve

Place ½ tsp of soybean oil on small plate, dip cut half of fresh lemon in oil. Place oiled side down on hot gas grill. Grill approximately 2:00, rotate 180 and grill for additional 2:00 or until lemon is slightly charred, reserve.

Lightly glaze shallow baking dish with butter or vegetable oil spray.

Place fresh haddock filets skin side down in pan, side by side, roll/tuck/fold tail portion under each filet toward center of fish (this will prevent overcooking of the thinner part of the filet).

Season each filet with 1 tsp simple signature seasoning.

Drizzle each filet with 1 oz. melted butter. Add ¼ cup water to baking dish.

Bake filets for approximately 10:00 or until an internal temperature of 145 F.

Heat sauté pan over medium flame.

Add 1 tbsp. olive oil to pan and minced garlic, sauté for 0:20. Add fresh spinach and season to taste with fresh ground black pepper and sea salt. Toss spinach frequently until wilted 2:00.

Divide wilted spinach into two equal portions and place on serving plate.

Carefully remove cooked haddock filets from baking pan utilizing a perforated spatula and place on top of one half of the wilted spinach. Add fresh grilled lemon next to cooked haddock filet.

Sprinkle fish filet with fresh chopped parsley and serve with your favorite side!

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