The cold lockdown used to be funny – even cute for a time after the holidays. Seemed fitting that it was cold. After all, it was January and this was New England.

Then it got ugly. And record snow fell. And the masses revolted against Old Man Winter (and the MBTA). Envy grew as well for other parts of the country that basked in the warmth. (Yes, we see your tweets, posts and pics, Florida, Arizona and California.) 

And we’re still bitter. And cold, and looking for hope. Since the 25th, we’ve had only one day that was above normal, and that was Sunday, the 22nd. The White Walkers roam freely. And we long for spring.

So where is it? When will the pattern break? This is where I usually tell you something hopeful, something revealing. I have neither. I have a stagnant pattern that shows no signs of leaving into the second week of March. That’s not to say we won’t have brief warmups. Those, like Sunday’s foray near 40, are highly likely. Just don’t get used to them.

As a result of the snow last night, we are now within 5+ inches of breaking the all time record of 107.6″ set back in 1995-96. The records go back to the beginning of Middle Earth (OK, the late 1800s…I was close), and with a few more weak storms in the pipeline next week, we will probably nickel and dime our way to the top. (JR, Chris and Bri, I owe you a pizza.)

Tomorrow, the storm in the Deep South will scoot by to our South, jabbing us in the ribs with a little light snow on the South Shore/Cape/Islands and Buzzards Bay. Rest of us will see steel gray skies and a few flakes….along with the customary cold.

Weekend sees some recovery with a good supply of sun. Now that’s something we can all get behind.


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