I should be excited today.

Even Newt Gingrich is getting the message: the Republican race is over, and we're on to the main event–the Presidential election–where every four years America can choose a new direction.

Or so they say. But–sorry to say–this time I don't believe it.

What I do believe is that we're headed for a campaign that will be a political assault and battery on every one of us. We're going to be sliced and diced by age, gender, race, education and income.

The Republicans will accuse the Democrats of bankrupting the nation; the Democrats will call the Republicans inhumane.

The Republicans will paint the president as Pinocchio, who lied when he said he'd unite us. The Democrats will counter that Mitt Romney is a robot, who made millions by closing factories and killing jobs.

In November, one of them will win.

Then what? More of the same.

Whoever loses will blame bad luck-not himself; whoever wins will claim a clear victory, no matter the margin.

America is like an airplane on auto-pilot…but we're flying in the wrong direction and we're losing altitude.

All that's ahead is a rough landing–or even a crash…until we find a pilot and crew more than half of us trust.

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