Which is a toy? Natick police share gun photos amid air pistol investigation

NATICK, MASS. (WHDH) - Natick police are issuing a warning to residents as they work to identify three suspects accused of shooting out windows with an air pistol.

The department shared a photo on its Facebook page Friday of an air pistol replica of the gun officers carry as a service weapon next to the real thing.

“We take our job seriously. We, at times, encounter individuals who will do us harm,” the post read. “If this ‘toy’ was mistakenly believed about to cause harm to us or any other individual for that matter, it would be met with a most negative response.”

The message went on to ask parents to “take a long look at what your children are playing with and educate them on the danger their decisions may bring,” adding, “None of us can afford the consequences of failing to have that conversation.”

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