WHITMAN, MASS. (WHDH) - Crews in Whitman came to the rescue of a family dog that had fallen down a drain in Whitman and gotten itself stuck for more than 20 hours.

Thirteen-year-old Daisy is back home with her relieved family after an eventful 24 hours on the lam.

“Being a rabbit dog, she poked her head in it and went down it,” Daisy’s owner George Mager said. “It’s a long shot, it’s the full length of the yard next door, and got stuck in a manhole at the end of it.”

He said he had been searching for his beloved dog and had almost given up hope. But, it was the sound of her yelping that stopped Mager in his tracks and led him to the missing pup.

“I heard this ‘yelp yelp’ and I recognized her voice,” he said. “So I went toward it and I went right by it  thinking it was in the yard of the neighbor over there and all of a sudden her voice is behind me.”

Neighbors came out to help and eventually, the Department of Public Works lifted the heavy grate and lowered a ladder into the hole to rescue little Daisy.

Mager said in the future he plans on installing a barrier in the backyard to block this pipe — just in case Daisy gets curious again.

“There was a big empty spot in our house for a whole day, it really affects you,” he said. “she’s back to normal again, she’s begging for food as we speak.”

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