Whitman woman charged with stealing packages from doorsteps

WHITMAN, MASS. (WHDH) - A Whitman woman was arrested Monday after police said she stole dozens of packages from homes ahead of the holidays.

Police said Cathy Lyden, 43, stole packages from the doorsteps of at least 20 homes in Whitman, Abington and Hanson. The 60 packages, taken into evidence at the police department, include children’s shoes, a GoPro camera, a hoverboard, home furnishings and a box from Tiffany’s. The packages were worth around $3,000 together.

Michael Lawson said he saw a pickup truck pull into his driveway and saw Lyden walk out and take a package from his doorstep. As he was on a conference call, Lawson said he was unable to investigate right away. Fifteen minutes later, Lawson said he saw the same pickup truck park in his neighbor’s driveway and saw Lyden walk out and take a package from that doorstep. Lawson took a picture of the truck and gave it to police.

Police said they tracked down the pickup truck and found Lyden taking the packages out and bringing them into her home in Whitman. Lyden, a mother of four, allegedly broke down crying and confessed that she took the packages when she was confronted by officers. Her husband allegedly asked police if they would not arrest her if she brought the packages back. However, she allegedly got violent and struck two officers when they tried to arrest. Police said a stun gun was used to subdue her.

Police said Lyden is known to them and they believe these thefts are drug-related. She is being held without bail because she violated the probation of a pending drug charge involving cocaine possession.

Anyone who had a package stolen is asked to come to the police station with their receipts to get their deliveries back.

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