TAUNTON, Mass. (WHDH) – For Rosemary Heath, the Bertucci’s at the Silver City Galleria in Taunton wasn’t just a restaurant – it was the place where her husband, George, became a hero.

George was fatally stabbed during a violent rampage in May 2016, when Arthur DeRosa burst into the restaurant and began stabbing a pregnant waitress. George and Rosemary, with the assistance of an off-duty police officer and other customers, are credited with helping to save the young woman and her baby.

Since then, Bertucci’s has been a place where Rosemary could go to honor his memory.

“They just really have gone above and beyond to make sure that I’m comfortable and I’m happy when I’m in there,” Heath said, noting the restaurant even dedicated a barstool to George’s memory.

But when Bertucci’s filed for bankruptcy, it announced it was shutting down more than a dozen locations – including its restaurant in Taunton.

“It was really hard knowing I was not going back in there because, to me, that’s where George and I had our last team effort together,” Heath said.

On Monday, Heath was able to take home the honorary stools that became so special to her after she lost her husband.

“I’m happy I have a piece of Bertucci’s,” she said.

Heath said she has taken her husband’s advice, is at peace with what happened, and is moving forward to new chapters in her life, realizing that she “can’t dwell on it, can’t change it.”

“Just like the Bertucci’s closing, I can’t change that,” she said. “So all I can do is take what we have and move forward, and I’m so happy that these are in my home.”

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