It was bound to happen…can’t keep winning on opening day…and with the O-line looking like it did….its probably not the only loss this season. Weather patterns are similar as they can suddenly reverse themselves. No way would we have kept up at this mid-summer pace for ever and this week we find ourselves into a more typical September pattern.

Today is fantastic—even for a Monday–with mostly sunny skies & seasonally cool temps throughout the day. High Pressure is with us & this came from Canada so the air is crisp early on and then delightful for much of the day. An ocean storm–one without a name–will pass southeast of New England during the day tomorrow. This will be too far away for anything other than some clouds across the Cape/Islands. For the rest of us its more sunshine.

Wednesday & Thursday it tries to warm a bit with temps by Thursday afternoon reaching the mid & upper 70s and even a little more humidity in the air. This won’t last though as a cold front charges out of Canada late Thursday afternoon. Look for some showers with this front Thursday evening and behind this front  is another batch of cool, Canadian air for the end of the week.



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