Heck of a weather day to reflect on the Marathon tragedy. If it wasn’t the rain, it was the wind – all a direct result of Mother Nature feverishly moving the cold air in and the warm air out. What cold air you say? Take a look at the graphic to the right.

20s and 30s? Is this a return to winter-like cold? Yes and no. It’ll be here in the short term, but we’ll bounce out of it by the end of the workweek – for some even sooner.

But the return trip is to normal, not 70s to near 80. If you’ve forgotten, that’s the middle 50s for mid April. Not too shabby, but not the heat (or touch of humidity) of yesterday and today.

Now brace yourselves for this cold shot. It will arrive after midnight tonight – with the possibility of a few wet snowflakes across Greater Worcester – on a gusty wind. By morning, the temperatures will settle a few degrees either side of freezing. Not anticipating slick roads, but there may be some patchy black ice in spots both overnight and into the early morning.

Not much of a recovery in the coming days. Prepare for an even colder night/morning tomorrow night and Thursday morning. A hard, ground-freezing is likely as temperatures fall to the low/mid 20s!

Slow warming into the holiday weekend. Right now those showers on Saturday are just that – looking weak and scattered. More of a cloudy day than anything.


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