Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

No doubt, we have a winning forecast this weekend as Saturday and Sunday are cut and paste type forecasts from day to day.  What are we cutting and pasting you may ask?  How about morning sunshine, scattered cumulus afternoon clouds to mix in with that sun, and temps that run in the mid to upper 70s at the coast with sea breezes to the mid 80s inland?  Oh yeah, the humidity is low too and if you’re heading to the beach, high tide runs late morning Sunday and seas run 1-2 feet with just a low risk of rip currents.

The weather is pretty much on cruise control into Tuesday, although humidity increases a bit early next week and clouds increase Tuesday.  

As another vigorous system plunges into the Midwest and heads east on Wednesday, we’ll increase the threat of rain and kick up the winds.  With a moist southeasterly flow, that rain may be heavy at times, along with the threat of embedded strong storms. 

It’s not a system that sticks around for long, however, on Thursday and Friday, there’s still the slight risk of a pop up afternoon shower thanks to cold air aloft.  Once again, no 90s are in the 7day forecast, but we do have another burst of low humidity to end the week.

On the astronomy side of things… This Sunday also marks the 2nd Supermoon of 3 in a row  (July 12, Aug 10, Sep 9). Although, you’ve probably already noticed that moon looking nice and big/bright in the sky last night.  Moonrise tonight is near 7PM and near 7:30PM tomorrow night.  The Perseid Meteor Shower also peaks Aug 11-13th, however, the light from that Supermoon may obscure the view of some of those shooting stars.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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