Time to pick out the Christmas tree and put up all the decorations and outdoor lights this weekend?  While sometimes a little snow can help set the mood, after last winter, many of you don’t seem to mind the lack of flakes thus far.  This weekend, other that some early morning frosty windshields, winter is nowhere to be found as you put up Frosty and Santa in the yard.  In fact, in terms of climbing the ladder to hang the lights, the weather we’ll have this weekend doesn’t get much better as temps climb the ladder to reach the low to mid 50s today and mid 50s to near 60 tomorrow!  Winds will be light today with a slight breeze from the southwest developing tomorrow.  More sun than clouds is the theme. 

It’ll turn cooler Tuesday, low to mid 40s for highs, with mostly cloudy skies and a northeast to north breeze.  There will be an ocean storm just to our south providing that breeze and cloud cover, however, it appears the the center of that storm is far enough offshore that we’ll miss the brunt of the rain. 

We may have another shot of a few showers next Thursday, however, no true Arctic air is to be found through the week, and into next weekend as 40s and 50s rule the forecast in the next 7-10days. 

Enjoy the weekend and gooooo Pats!!!!!! Tailgating weather at Gillette tomorrow runs in the upper 50s!  Back to mid 40s by games end.  

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