It’s been a semi-wild ride so far. Snow around Thanksgiving, our first arctic outbreak of the year…then the mild air came – albeit subtly.

And that’s where we are now. One mild storm cruised through last night without as much as a sleet pellet or a temperature even close to freezing! And I’ll argue that point more than any other in this mild spell. It’s not the highs that will wow you, it’s the mild overnights. Almost like a morning frost in the coming days more than a deep, ground hardening freeze.

We’re seeing a few semi-sunny days until the beginning of the weekend. High temperatures slide a little bit, and winds will ease after a gusty day tomorrow. Sounds like a good time to travel across the East/Northeast, right?

Right. As long as you do it before Christmas Eve. Big storm is a-brewin’ in the Southern Plains and Deep South early next week. It looks to track through the Great Lakes and flood New England with water and mild air. 50s are a reasonable assumption with a run near 60 possible either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Wha? How are we so confident? What does this mean for a white Christmas? The implications for the latter are obvious, as far as the former, well, let’s just say there’s nothing else to track out there and the weather models are in AMAZING agreement on the track of this storm.

We’ll have the finer points in the days ahead, but don’t look for that lawn to be coated in white anytime soon.


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