Winter is Here

Typically we change from spring into summer, but after our spring-like temps this weekend, we’re going straight into winter!  We knew it was coming at some point, right?  You’ll start to notice a difference today.  From record shattering temps on Thursday (some spots into the 70s!) we are stuck in the 30s throughout this Monday.  Couple that with a light breeze out of the NW, and it will feel like it’s in the mid-20s today.  Did you get a new winter coast for Christmas?  You can take it for a spin today!  Bundle up.  With this drastic change in temperatures, it’s going to be a shock to the system.

Now lets talk about the REAL issue at hand:  Tuesday’s snow, sleet, ice, rain.  This system is a monster, and it’s really been wreaking havoc on Texas and into the Plains & Midwest today.  It’s our turn for this one overnight tonight and through tomorrow.  

*  A Winter Weather Advisory is posted from 8pm Monday through 1pm Tuesday (see below).

*  Snow turns on for all of us between 1-3am.  

*  Snow will turn over to a wintry mix (sleet and freezing rain) between 6-10am for most.  This does not mean we’re "out of the woods" with danger on the roads.  It doesn’t matter weather it’s snow or ice; both are frozen and both can make for dangerously slick conditions.

*  Most all of us will see rain by 1pm – meaning the evening commute will be wet, and temps will be above freezing.

I do want to mention that the snow forecast is still tricky for a few reasons:  1)  We’ve had VERY warm weather recently, with this month running about 11.6 degrees above average.  The ground is relatively warm, and this will make it hard for the snow to accumulate at first.  2)  There’s no "fluff factor" here, meaning a wetter snow (temps closer to freezing) will not pile up quickly. 3)  Sleet and freezing rain will compact the snow that does manage to accumulate.

What I can guarantee here is that tomorrow morning will be a SLOW GO.  The kids are still on winter break, and if you can put off returning that silly sweater that Aunt Mable got you for Christmas until later in the day – or better yet, Wednesday – it’s best to stay off the roads tomorrow morning.  We’ll be here tracking it all, so keep it with 7News!  – Breezy